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The shelter at Gungahlin Bus Station features a perforated plywood soffit, designed by Stoddart.

Stoddart installs shelters at Gungahlin Bus Station

Working in collaboration with Roads ACT, Stoddart designed and installed modular, large-span bus shelters as part of the Gungahlin Bus Station upgrade in Canberra. 

In total, Stoddart installed 92 metres of architecturally inspired shelters and walkways that bring together a wide range of materials and resources from all around Australia. The shelters provide ample weather protection while also meeting acoustic design guidelines and work within the wider Canberra Light Rail material and colour palette. With a height of almost four metres and span of five metres, the shelters are immediately eye-catching. They feature a perforated plywood soffit flanked by bronze powdercoated cladding.