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Tasmanian Timber ambassador

Jon Goulder, internationally acclaimed Australian designer, maker and Tasmanian Timber ambassador:

“To exclusively use Tasmanian Timber is a no-brainer for me. Your design is a never-ending cycle of movements. It’s a progression. As my international market and recognition grew, I found I wanted to use my local product. If I’m showing work in Milan or New York as an Australian, why would I want to use timber from another country? I started to use Tasmanian Timber and just fell in love with it. It was beautiful. And it felt good to use a native species. I feel an amazing connection to Australia. I’m patriotic.

Tasmanian Timbers are most definitely at the top of what Australia has to offer. And I don’t really understand now why you would use timber from the other side of the world. I think as architects, designers, and furniture makers become more responsible the trend will be to use local product. We’ve got access to the most beautiful timbers in the world. They’re sustainably managed and harvested, they provide me with the palette I need, from dark chocolate to blond and everything in between. There is so much variety in the density, in the strength – Tasmanian Timber has everything to offer.

Going down to Tasmania and meeting the people in the industry and doing some research has been an amazing experience. The industry has been reborn and grown into this intelligent industry with a new generation of people. They’re responsible with the resource and passionate about the forests. It’s a new game – modern, responsible, intelligent. I can’t see myself using any other timbers for the rest of my career.”