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Designed by Ettore Sottsass, these timber veneers are part of the Alpi Designer Collections series from Elton Group.

Eveneer Prefinished in ‘Brown,’ ‘Grey,’ ‘Mocha’ and ‘Sand’ in the new Velo pattern.

This kitchen space designed by Michael Drescher of DKO features Eveneer in ‘Ravenna.’ Photography: Peter Bennetts.

WoodWall ‘Cherry’ in the Crown pattern at the Yancoal office in Sydney by Hammond Studio. Photography: Terence Chin Photography.

Timber veneer solutions by Elton Group

Achieving the desired look in a timber veneer project is a challenge that designers and end users are often faced with. Timber veneer is an attractive finish for cabinetry and panelling and its variety, changeability and flaws can be the very things that make it such a beautiful living product to work with, but sometimes a little more consistency is needed.

Eveneer veneers by Elton Group were developed with this in mind, with colour toning and recutting processes designed to control the pattern and colour of the wood. This characteristic makes Eveneer veneers particularly suitable for large projects, but is also important in smaller installations where it can be even more obvious if panels don’t match, the veneer has faults or stains, or the colour varies wildly from one panel to the next.

In addition to considerations of consistency, veneer surfaces require finishing to protect them from marking and the effects of humidity and light. There are many finishes available, from oils and waxes through to acid catalysed, water-based, polyurethane, acrylic-modified polyurethane and polyester. The finish used on the final product will generally be determined by the appearance and/or hardness required.

Gloss level is also important with various levels achieving a completely different look and feel, from the 70%-plus gloss levels that give an almost mirror finish and the 15% satin finishes, through to matt finishes with a gloss level of 5% or less. The matt finishes have become very popular in recent times as they can bring out the texture of the wood and make the surface feel more natural, almost like raw timber. However, very dark timbers can look flat and featureless with a matt finish, in which case a slightly higher level of gloss is suggested to bring out the depth and texture of the wood.

With so many options, specifying timber veneers can sound confusing. Elton Group’s Eveneer Prefinished product simplifies this process by taking the guesswork out of specifying polished timber veneer surfaces.

Eveneer Prefinished has a superior finish that has been applied in Italy by some of the world’s finest timber polishers. In 2019 Elton Group is expanding the Eveneer Prefinished range with the introduction of the Touch finish. With a lightly brushed texture, a gloss level of less than 5% and built-in UV inhibitors and anti-fingerprint technology, Touch brings a new level of clarity and sensory feel to surfaces.

Touch joins Elton Group’s Groove and Wax finishes, with each finish selected to best complement the natural beauty and colour of each wood type. With an extensive range and industry expertise, Elton Group can assist architects and designers in specifying the right timber veneer for their projects.