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This Town and Park barbecue, which can be pre-fitted with Stoddart’s new barbecue hotplate, is designed with wheelchair users in mind.

Stoddart’s rear-draining barbecue hotplates make great additions to outdoor park spaces and sporting facilities.

Barbecue hotplate by Stoddart Town and Park

After rigorous research and development, Town and Park has added a new barbecue hotplate to its product line-up. The hotplate is fully welded to avoid buckling, and it is manufactured out of 3 mm thick stainless steel to retain heat on the cooking surface and maintain quicker recovery times between uses.

Town and Park prioritized simplicity for the end user in all facets of its development process. Rather than angling toward a central drain hole, the new hotplate exhibits a gentle slope toward the rear of the plate, where the welded sides control the flow of oil to a drain hole. This feature enables more efficient cooking and cleaning because it allows the automatic draining of grease from the cook plate.

The new hotplate fits into any standard or non-standard bases currently used in councils throughout Australia. It can also be supplied pre-fitted into Stoddart’s own custom DDA-compliant frame, which is constructed for those in wheelchairs who can use the cantilevered design to position themselves close to the hotplates for easy cooking.

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