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Connectaply is available in a range of colours. Photography: Kevin Chamberlain Photography.

Connectaply plywood panels by Austral Plywoods

Builders and specifiers can create high-quality feature walls and ceilings by using Austral Plywoods’ Connectaply plywood panels, which are made with 100% Australian hoop pine.

Connectaply is sold by the box, with each box containing four pieces (enough to cover 2.688 m2). Each piece measures just 2,400 mm × 280 mm × 12.5 mm, meaning that Connectaply can be easily handled and installed by a single person.

These panels are available in a range of colour options: ‘Ash,’ ‘Spotted Gum,’ ‘Blackbutt,’ ‘Walnut,’ ‘Ebony,’ ‘Jarrah,’ and ‘Natural Hoop.’