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Nurture paint palette range by Taubmans

Informed by global influences and inspired by the changing and diverse lifestyles and landscapes of Australia, Nurture comprises four curated palettes to inspire and empower Australians to embrace colour within the home in 2020.

‘Share’ features pastel brights, softened with a suggestion of gentle wear and recycling, that complement soft natural greens and blues, while ‘Protect’ marries the reds and orange-based hues of the Australian outback with subtle retro-futuristic dreams of space travel to Mars.

Light and shade duos characterize the bold and free-spirited contrasts of ‘Create,’ and ‘Breathe’ includes ethereal pales and grounding darks.

With these four palettes, Nurture presents a meaningful interpretation of the zeitgeist while challenging the predominance of neutral and monochromatic colour schemes.