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Eveneer sustainably produced timber veneers are suitable for use on wall panelling, joinery, furniture, doors and floors.

Eveneer Prefinished polished timber veneer sheets and panels can be used for interior joinery, walls and ceilings.

A pre-finished timber veneer for interior walls and ceilings, WoodWall is flexible and can be applied as easily as wallpaper.

The essence of wood: Elton Group surfaces

It is now well recognized that human health and wellbeing are enhanced by contact with nature, yet increasing urbanization means most city dwellers have little chance to interact with the natural world.

Research has shown that wood has positive psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature. Bringing nature indoors through the use of wood brings with it the mental and physical benefits of being in touch with the living world.

Wooden surfaces make a room feel warmer and cosier. They also have a calming effect; improve air quality by modifying humidity; enhance emotional states and creativity; can lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels; and elicit feelings of warmth and comfort while also acting as a long-term store of carbon, helping to fight climate change.

Now that biophilic design principles acknowledge the importance of interaction with and exposure to natural materials, timber surfaces play an important role in the interior environment.

Elton Group offers a palette of timber veneer and wood-based surfaces to bring warmth, texture and vitality to any space. With an 80-year history of supplying veneers in Australia, Elton is committed to responsible forestry practices, sustainability, quality and beauty. Its products represent a balance between art and science.

From the signature Eveneer timber veneers through to unique WoodWall wooden wallcoverings and healthy plywood, Elton’s surface ranges encourage designers and specifiers to push boundaries with a curated collection of unique and innovative products. The company is committed to delivering exceptional environments.

Sourced from agricultural plantations and sustained-yield forests, Elton’s products combine traditional timber cutting with modern technology. New formats allow timber surfaces to be applied and detailed in innovative ways and with increased efficiency, to conform to curves and tight radii, or to cover large surfaces with consistent grain and pattern.

New research and technology also enable the most efficient use of the log, meaning fewer trees are used. The production process ensures a consistent surface free from knots, splits and discolouration, saving cabinetmakers time and money.

By collaborating with some of the world’s most respected designers, Elton has created unique, beautiful timber grains. Through its ongoing research into timber finishes, it continues to produce timber surfaces with an enhanced appearance and superior wear characteristics.