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At Tree House in Bronte, Woodwall veneers fluidly follow the building’s curves, creating smooth timber surfaces.

Eveneer ceilings and wall panels bring natural warmth to interior spaces.

Because they mature over time, Elton Group’s timber veneers add character throughout a building’s life. For all photographs: Architect: Madeleine Blanchfield Architects. Photography: Anson Smart.

Bring nature to space: Eveneer and WoodWall

Humans have an innate desire to connect with nature. If a surface is timber, people intuitively touch it and are drawn to it.

Striking a delicate balance between conservation and quality, Eveneer incorporates warmth, beauty and the authenticity of timber into projects. Renowned for consistent grain and patterning, Eveneer timber veneer surfaces balance art and science and support responsible forestry practices and sustainability beautifully. Eveneer is a responsible and authentic timber veneer that saves on material, time, and costs.

The wellbeing benefits of timber are well researched. The use of plants, natural light, timber and other natural materials creates interior spaces that are sanctuaries of calm, nourishing the soul and enhancing wellbeing. Eveneer is a natural and biophilic surface that brings the experience and benefits of tactile connections with the natural world into working and living spaces.

Creating interior environments with natural wood surfaces can measurably reduce stress and improve mental health and concentration. Timber veneers are warm to touch, easy to clean and simple to maintain. As organic surfaces, timber veneers mellow and add value and character to space.

Eveneer is an environmentally curated and enhanced recut timber veneer. Made from timbers grown in agricultural plantations and sustained-yield forests, it is supplied in standard sheet sizes to improve efficiency and minimize waste.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, Eveneer retains the pore structure and subtle variations of natural timber without the unexpected imperfections, making it excellent for commercial, retail and residential joinery, wall panelling, ceilings and furniture.

A curated selection of Eveneer colours is also available to order in innovative roll-form Woodwall. Drawing on Japanese technology, Woodwall is a next-generation flexible timber veneer suitable for application to suspended structures, bulkheads, columns, corners, curves and tight radii, as well as walls and ceilings, to create a continuous timber surface.

Elton Group has been a leader in the Australian timber veneer market for over 70 years, innovating and collaborating with global suppliers and the local design community in developing timber ranges and products that celebrate the essence, potential and uniqueness of wood.