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The ForestOne showroom kitchen has sleek cabinetry, push-to-open technology and Meganite Mt Carrara bench surfaces.

Several of the showroom meeting spaces will be open to customers and partners for gathering, discussing and brainstorming.

Product showroom designed for collaboration

ForestOne has a new showroom that features products for kitchens, meeting spaces and offices with a focus on sustainability and high-end details.

The showroom kitchen serves as a working office kitchen for the entire head office staff. As such, 115 m2 were put aside to allow for an extra-large island bench, colourful booths, elevated seating and plenty of room to bring in additional tables and chairs for functions, such as trade events.

High-functioning comfort and lots of storage were important design considerations. Every office has matching open-air shelving and desks and Egger PerfectSense cabinetry to keep cleanliness a priority and fingerprints invisible. Meeting rooms are lined with slotted DesignerPly birch to provide a sound-safe environment, and most of the spaces are fitted with technology to allow for instant Zoom connections, screen sharing and wireless phone charging.