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The AlphaPanel is a low-cost concrete walling solution for both internal and external wall applications.

The internal wall systems are slim, creating extra living space and increasing the property value.

The external AlphaPanel wall system eliminates the need for render.

Revolutionary concrete panel walling systems from XCEM

XCEM supplies a host of builders and developers with Australian-manufactured AlphaPanel systems.

Designed for ease of installation, XCEM’s innovative AlphaPanel wall system is a precast concrete product that has gained traction in the construction industry. Australian builders and developers, including Meriton, Richard Crookes Constructions, Decode and Landmark have specified the 35 mm AlphaPanel in their builds for both internal and external applications, such as corridors, service risers, external facades, and balcony, basement and intertenancy walls.

XCEM’s CEO Jesse Rafidi talks about how AlphaPanel has revolutionized concrete walling: “For a long time, we’ve been considering the issues associated with current offerings in the walling market, and the need for low-cost and high-performance concrete walling solutions. AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) wall panel and plasterboard systems require expensive coatings and are subject to high repair and maintenance costs over the lifetime of a structure. XCEM saw the opportunity to bring back the benefits of masonry wall systems, without the price tag and with high installation speed.”

The AlphaPanel can be used for internal and external wall construction. It is smooth and prefinished, eliminating the need for additional linings and finishes typically necessary to create a paintable surface. Its extremely high fire and sound insulation exceeds NCC (National Construction Code) requirements.

AlphaPanels weigh 47.5 kg/m2, compared to precast concrete, which weighs approximately 360 kg/m2. This means the panels can be moved by construction workers, enabling easy installation and eliminating the need for cranes.

The biggest health issue facing the building industry today is silicosis, caused by exposure to dust containing crystalline silica during cutting of concrete, brick and tile products. Like asbestos, silicosis can cause devastating health issues for workers. AlphaPanel has 0% crystalline silica content, making it a safe masonry product.

As the AlphaPanel is made from
high-strength concrete, the finished walls have high impact resistance, which significantly reduces the repair and maintenance costs associated with plasterboard. The internal wall systems are also the slimmest available on the market, creating extra living space and significant value for the property developer. Internal walls can be installed quickly with few components required.

When used as an external wall, the AlphaPanel’s paintable surface eliminates the need for render and solves visual issues, such as bubbling and cracking. Most importantly, it removes the cost associated with rendering. When used to replace precast concrete externally, the system provides a cost reduction of approximately 75%.