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Hebel PowerPattern™ is a high-rise facade system that offers design flexibility.

The PowerPattern™ Lineal collection is a modern take on the classic cladding look.

The Prism collection uses etched angular lines and shapes to create a modern, sophisticated facade.

Panels with pre-routed patterns – Hebel PowerPattern™

For high rise apartments, student accommodation, hotel and commercial facades, and balcony blades.

Hebel PowerPattern is a high-rise facade system that offers design flexibility with modular, customizable panels and fire-rated compliance. It also offers more efficient construction than traditional masonry methods.

A collection of patterns are pre-routed onto the Hebel panels, which can be combined with a range of paint, render and spray-on coating systems to achieve a variety of looks.

Each Hebel PowerPattern collection has been designed to reflect the latest in building trends and design aesthetics, with a range of styles to suit every taste – from classic and understated to modern industrial, including metallic, sandstone and polished concrete finishes.

Lineal collection

The PowerPattern Lineal collection is a modern take on the classic cladding look, featuring clean vertical lines that are available in a range of spacings starting from 100 mm.

With deep vertical lines etched into the face of the panel, the choice of flat V-grooved or V-grooved panels offers a beautiful, precise facade option for your next project.

Geometric collection

The Geometric collection will let you bring your next project to life with the use of patterns and shapes to create a visually impactful and vibrant wall that stands out from the rest.

Combined with striking colours, it can be a creative modern facade, or you can employ softer colour palettes and textures for timeless elegance and style.

Prism collection

The Prism collection makes use of deeply etched angular lines and triangular shapes to create a modern, sophisticated facade with an edge.

Combined with a polished concrete finish it achieves a modern industrial look, or use a sandstone finish with this collection to create a facade that is classic in its style.

Organic collection

The PowerPattern Organic collection uses a combination of routed waves to emulate the natural environment, and the undulations in the landscape.

This collection can be finished with a range of natural textures to showcase a more organic style, or combined with industrial finishes for a striking look.