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With HybriQ+ technology, Cosentino combined high-performance minerals with recycled materials for the new Silestone® surface.

Non-porous, scratch-resistant and offered in an outstanding selection of designs, Silestone® with HybriQ+ technology can transform kitchens into healthy, sustainable and personalized spaces.

Silestone® with HybriQ+ technology by Cosentino

Less is more: High-performance surfaces with low silica content.

The new Silestone® surface with HybriQ+ technology, designed by Cosentino, can transform kitchens into healthy, sustainable and personalized spaces.

Silestone® can be used for hygienic benchtops, islands with distinctive edges, integrated kitchen sinks, high-traffic-area flooring, durable sidings and cladding, unique furniture pieces, bespoke shower trays, and joint-free bathroom washbasins.

It is non-porous and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, make-up and many other everyday products. It’s also scratch and impact resistant, to avoid damage from daily use and wear.

Innovative HybriQ+ technology, developed for the manufacturing of the new Silestone®, produces advanced surfaces from a blend of premium minerals and recycled materials.

Cosentino selected high-performance minerals that achieve particular effects, hues and finishes. These materials maintain the hardness and performance of quartz, but with the crystalline silica levels of natural stone. A maximum of 50% silica content responds to the most demanding of regulations.

The entire range is now manufactured using 100% renewable electrical energy and zero water waste. This represents a step in the pursuit of sustainability throughout Cosentino’s value chain.

The product supports waste re-use and giving materials a second life through a circular economy. Silestone® manufactured with HybriQ+ technology includes at least 20% recycled material in its composition.

While maintaining the same properties as the original Silestone®, including resistance, hardness and hygiene, the new Silestone® formulation increases the aesthetic possibilities and depth of colour that can be achieved.

Silestone® is available in a standard slab format of 3,060 × 1,440 mm, and a jumbo slab format of 3,250 × 1,590 mm. Available thicknesses are 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. It is manufactured in three textures: the smooth and glossy Polished; the matt Suede; and the rustic and rough Volcano. Design collections include Eternal, Sunlit Days, Loft and more. To discover the full range of inspiring options available in Australia, visit a Cosentino showroom today.