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Altro Timbersafe gives a fresh, new look at Cornetts Supa IGA in Deagon, Queensland.

Cornetts Supa IGA before Altro Timbersafe installation.

Altro Timbersafe flooring

Altro Timbersafe, the world’s first timber-look safety flooring, is taking off in the supermarket sector. IGA, the largest independent grocery chain in Australia, has in recent months trialled and installed Timbersafe in various locations across the country.

Cornett’s Supa IGA in Deagon, Queensland, is by far the largest installation and is indicative of the faith IGA has in this product. IGA is becoming increasingly concerned about customers slipping, so they laid Altro safety floor throughout the store. Altro Timbersafe gave IGA the assurance of safety but with the beauty of the forest. The team at Cornett’s is so happy with it, they asked Altro to promote their new floor to other IGA members! They said it gave the place such lift that it felt like they had put in brand new lighting.

Altro Timbersafe is also ideal for hospitals, medical surgeries or any area where a safe walking surface with a warm, non-institutional look is required.