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Boral’s OutRwall exterior wall system is available in 1- and 1.5-hour fire ratings.

Boral Plasterboard OutRwall wall system

As housing lots get smaller and houses get bigger, more and more residential projects incorporate fire-rated exterior walls to satisfy BCA requirements for buildings constructed in close proximity to the boundary.

Boral’s OutRwall lightweight, fire-rated exterior wall system provides a cost-effective solution for such buildings. Providing fire ratings of 1 or 1.5 hours, the OutRwall exterior wall system utilizes Boral Wet Area Firestop plasterboard on the outside of the wall frame, protected by waterproofing membrane and lightweight exterior cladding on battens. Standard Core or Firestop plasterboard is applied to the inside of the wall frame, depending on whether fire rating is required from both directions.

Suitable for new residential and commercial construction or extensions to existing buildings, OutRwall can be prefabricated and installed from one side if access to the neighbouring property is restricted.