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The D-Rect kitchen mixer from Newform achieves a four-star WELS rating.

D-Rect kitchen mixers by Newform

Newform Italy’s advanced technology brings a touch of magic to the kitchen – but also safety, reducing the risk of scalding and burns from hot water. Technical innovation is paired with simple lines, making a strong impact with a decidedly modern and elemental look. The slender spout, gently curved towards the sink, creates a dynamic, sinuous movement that recalls a waterfall.

Chrome metal and brightly coloured LEDs are the key features of the D-Rect kitchen mixer collection, which integrates a temperature-sensitive system to change the colour of the water depending on how warm it is. Red for hot water, blue for cold – thanks to a temperature sensor at the end of the spout and integrated LEDs, the stream of water creates beautiful plays of light, with no power needed. The D-Rect kitchen mixer achieves a four-star WELS rating.

The D-Rect range is exclusively distributed by Brewers Design Plus.