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Italian & Danish kitchen design combines with local craftsmanship in projects by DK Design Kitchens.

DK Design Kitchens

Kitchens by DK Design Kitchens combine unique and simple designs with contemporary colours and multiple textures. Reflecting emerging trends from Europe, DK’s latest range mixes contrasting materials of varying thicknesses – for example, thin stone with defined stainless steel features, or Carrara marble with the rich tones of timber.

Produced using local craftsmanship, DK Design Kitchens borrow the latest ideas from Italian and Danish kitchen design. New trends in cabinetry will see the inclusion of push-activated electronic drawers and wall-opening units with hydraulics and lifting mechanisms.

The cupboards and doors in DK Design Kitchens projects are individually manufactured and screwed together for long-term structural integrity. High-quality Austrian and German technology, including working parts such as stainless steel runners and hinges, is integrated throughout the kitchen.