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Urban is one of the new environmentally friendly carpet tile ranges from ECmodular.

EC Modular carpet tiles

Urban, Escape, Impulse and Percussion are four new carpet tile ranges from EC Modular. For impressive flexibility, the new ranges are available in complementary palettes of six colours each, offering plenty of options for design, colour and layout.

All EC Modular carpet tiles feature EComfort environmentally advanced backing. ECEComfort contains 90% post-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Every square metre of EComfort diverts thirty-four 600 ml PETPET drink bottles from landfill. Plus, it is 150% more thermally efficient than hard backed tiles (such as PVC or bitumen).

For greater comfort, EComfort effectively absorbs foot impact to reduce leg fatigue. The felt-like EComfort backing reduces noise too, resulting in quiet environments.

The range was developed for superior dimensional stability – no PVC, fibreglass or bitumen is used during its construction.