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Izona CookSurface

The Izona CookSurface combines ceramic glass technology with the performance of gas cooking – all neatly concealed below a smooth glass surface for easy cleaning.

A frameless piece of 900 mm × 410 mm black glass supports three individual gas burners that rise and retract at the touch of a button. The burners emerge from the surface for cooking, then, when no longer required, they disappear along with the control knobs.

Fisher and Paykel’s Aero fan-assisted burners provide sparkless ignition, instant flame and fan-forced gas features. The Izona CookSurface enjoys efficient, even heat distribution, offering high settings for stir frying and low settings for more gentle cooking activities.

Research by Fisher and Paykel showed that, on average, only 2.1 burners are ever in use. These findings drove the design of the CookSurface, resulting in improved ergonomics and a streamlined design.