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Lexan Thermoclear multiwall sheet

Versatile Lexan Thermoclear multiwall sheet for glazing can be relied upon to deliver high-quality, low-maintenance glazing that is built to last.

It is suitable for a wide range of potential applications, including atriums, canopies and walkways, greenhouses, skylights and overhead glazing, industrial over-glazing, pool enclosures, partition walls and stadiums.

Wherever it is installed, Lexan Thermoclear multiwall sheet offers a host of potential benefits. Compared to glass, it is lightweight and provides plenty of design flexibility. The easily installed material also ensures excellent energy efficiency and light transmission. It withstands wind loads of up to 140 mph, has high impact strength and superior flame and UV resistance.

It complies with CC1 (ASTM D635) and Class A (ASTM E-84). A wide range of structures, coatings, colours, dimensions and gauges are available.