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The Briton M5000 series floor spring provides three installation adjustments.

M5000 series floor springs

Long-lasting and dependable, Briton M5000 series floor springs fit many applications, including shopping centres, airports, office buildings, hotels and hospitals.

Tested to EN1154–A requirements, the Briton M5000 series floor spring is suitable for door widths up to 1,200 mm and weights up to 130 kg. It has been tested to 500,000 cycles. The dual-action floor spring has three installation adjustments to meet the needs of new and retrofit applications and, with closing and latching speed adjustments, it enables full control of the door during operation.

The spring’s cast-iron body and stainless steel cover are suitable for environments ranging from –25º to 40º.

In addition to the M5000 series floor spring, the Briton series patch fittings for glass doors feature a cast-aluminium body with steel spindle housing, providing stability and a longer life cycle. A durable stainless steel cover makes it suitable for door thicknesses from 10 mm to 12 mm.