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Above: wear over a five-month period on a non-Ti02 fabric (left) compared to a Ti02 membrane (right).

MakMax next-generation membranes

High-quality shade structures by MakMax are designed to blend architecture with its environment. Applications for their range of state-of-the-art membranes are limited only by the architect’s imagination.

MakMax offers an exclusive range of environmentally friendly fabrics (ETETFE) and new Ti02 membranes with impressive self-cleaning and heat-preventive properties. A chemical reaction on the membrane’s surface results in decomposition of stains through oxidation. The reflectivity of the material’s surface deflects UV rays to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

Ti02 membranes maintain their quality under various environmental conditions. TiO2 is durable and strong, suitable for many varied applications, and a worthy addition to any building.