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Before. The Sanislim waste pump enables unused space – such as this attic – to be transformed.

After. Unused space transformed into an ensuite without plumbing complications.

Sanislim macerating pump by Saniflo

When installing an ensuite, it is a natural assumption that plumbing the waste away can be a daunting and costly process, especially if the proposed location is away from existing sewer lines.

Soon to be released from Saniflo is the new Sanislim – a 120 mm wide macerating pump that will allow you to install a toilet, vanity basin and shower without having to undertake major structural works. Designed to fit behind slimline sanitary ware, the Sanislim can pump waste away up to 4 metres vertically or up to 40 metres horizontally to the main sewer. The new ensuite to be installed in almost any location.