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SA 600/75 acoustic panels absorb sound across a wide frequency range.

SoundAcoustics acoustic panels

High levels of interior noise can often be the direct result of uncontrolled sound reflection and reverberation. The high-performing SoundAcoustics SASA600/75 broadband panel offers a stylish and economical acoustic treatment solution.

In most applications, it is important that acoustic panels have the ability to absorb lower frequencies as well as high frequencies. The 75 mm thick SA600/75 acoustic panel has the ability to efficiently absorb sound across a wide frequency range.

Like all SoundAcoustics products, the SA600/75 acoustic panel features a hidden fixing channel for installation with a staple gun as an alternative to adhesive. The standard colour is charcoal grey; flock coating is available in a range of colours. SoundAcoustics products are designed and manufactured in Australia.