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Winner of the DesignBuild 2009 Best New Product Award.

BenexBlock wall construction system

Offering an alternative wall construction method, BenexBlock has an interlocking design that makes it easy and fast to erect. It is strong, has a four-hour load-bearing fire rating, has excellent acoustic isolation properties and thermal resistance, and is waterproof. The ingenious BenexBlock system requires mortar for the first course only. It is secured and sealed using an easily applied adhesive and reverses the ratio of skilled and unskilled labour traditionally required for masonry walls.

Each BenexBlock has three distinct mixes in the production of the block; the first is a hard outer face and sides, the second is a lightweight core of sand, cement and polystyrene and the third is a very hard rear face. This mix gives the BenexBlock range its incredible fire rating, and its water-proof, thermal and acoustic properties.

The DesignBuild Best New Product Award jury commented, “BenexBlock has worked out how to integrate with the building industry. The lightweight mix of sand, cement and polystyrene has the potential to be developed into other products. The material property of the product allows it to have a light weight, high fire resistance, high water resistance and a high quality of finish.”