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The Lava rail is made from tinted glass and is shown here in a watery blue.

Ideal for minimalist bathrooms, the Vega towel rail is made from rectangular stainless tubing.

Blue Lava and vega towel rails

Architects and designers can add a splash of colour with this new towel rail design. The Lava is a 12 volt rail made from 12 mm tinted glass and is heated by two fine element wires safely encased within. It is available in a range of colours including blue, charcoal, bronze, green and clear glass.

For a more low-key design, the Vega towel rail is constructed from highly polished rectangular stainless tube. The Vega heated rail suits a softer, minimalist décor, complementing both linear and curved shapes and styles.

All DCS towel rails are supplied with the energy saving ecotimer as standard to minimize energy use.