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The Greenhouse Gas Monitor displays the energy saved by installing a pool solar heating system.

Greenhouse gas monitor

With over 1000 commercial systems installed, Sunbather has been cutting commercial pool heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions for over 25 years. Sunbather uses computer modelling to assess a pool’s precise heating needs and designs one of its world-class solar heating systems, adding electric or gas heating if necessary, to form the most energy-efficient heating system for that pool. Sunbather then locks that heat in with thermal covers for total energy management.

But energy savings are invisible. So to demonstrate the benefits of saving energy, Sunbather created the Greenhouse Gas Monitor to constantly record and tally the system’s energy savings day after day. The large wall-mounted screen displays the results for all to see. And those results are quite amazing. So now, all those who visit the pool, including those who helped fund it, can see the staggering savings that are being made each day.