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Omnisports point elastic PVC sports surfaces maximize sports performance.

Indoor sports flooring

Tarkett produces a collection of indoor sporting surfaces using a variety of materials including PVC, wood, linoleum, polyurethane and textiles. The Tarkett sports floor systems are specified worldwide for their safety and acoustic properties, optimum impact absorption plus the ability to reduce internal noise levels. Tarkett sports floor systems are ideal for multipurpose activities or specialty uses such as basketball, volleyball and gymnastics.

Omnisports is a multipurpose range of point elastic PVC sports surfaces that have been designed to reduce maintenance and maximize sport performance. The range is available in a variety of shock-absorbing foam options in both solid colours and wood patterns. With such a wide variety of product options to choose from, architects can use Omnisports to design a facility for children and athletes at every level of competition – both high-performing amateurs and top-class competitors.