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A smart, minimalistic and contemporary look.

Kingspan at the University of Technology Sydney

The plant room of the new UTS Science and Research Building, Broadway campus, was clad in Kingspan insulated wall panels.

Ghislain Coulon, project team leader for DesignInc, says, “DesignInc selected Kingspan insulated architectural wall panels for two main reasons. The first was an aesthetic choice. We wanted to achieve a smart, minimalistic and contemporary look for the top of (the building). The second was a functional decision. The panels provide an energy-efficient means to ensure a stable, temperature-controlled environment. This was essential for the requirements of the functions housed in this enclosure. We found Kingspan insulated panels very well designed, easy to use and install, and were well supported by their in-house technical team.”

Australian-made Kingspan insulated panels comprise an external finish bonded to a rigid, fire-safe insulation core with a pre-finished internal liner. The insulation material (PIR) has double the thermal performance of most other insulations commonly in use.