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BraceWall brackets replace shear blocks for connecting ceiling diaphragms to non-load-bearing walls.

Masterton Homes uses MiTek BraceWall brackets

Steve Jackman, builder manager with Masterton Homes, believes an engineered building solution, like MiTek BraceWall brackets, is always the best solution for houses.

“In the past our chippies, like most others, had been using timber shear blocks to connect trusses to internally braced non-load-bearing walls. Much of the placement was left up to the carpenter to interpret what would meet the correct codes for placement,” says Jackman. He now specifies MiTek BraceWall brackets in the construction of Masterton Homes.

MiTek BraceWall brackets are simple in design yet extremely effective at connecting the ceiling diaphragm to the top of non-load-bearing walls. This enables the even distribution of lateral loads in accordance with the AS1684.