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The complete fabric range groups together fabrics of the same colour tone but different opacities.

Multivision concept

With over 200 fabrics, the Hunter Douglas Commercial range is one of the most comprehensive in the window fashions industry. So Hunter Douglas Commercial designed the Multivision Concept to assist architects and designers in selecting the correct fabric for their project.

The system includes the complete fabric range and groups together fabrics that are perceived to be of the same colour tone but have different opacities. This allows designers and architects to choose the same colour tone of fabric throughout a project but with different opacities to suit various light, privacy and design requirements.

“Firstly, choose the level of light, privacy and comfort that is required,” says marketing manager Genevieve Marshall.

“The second step is to identify the colour and tone – choose from whites, colourful, natural and charcoal shades. The final step is to establish the mood, depth and feel. Textured and patterned fabrics create depth, dimension and character,” says Genevieve.