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Runner Up of the DesignBuild 2009 Best New Product Award.

Roof Rack

Roof Rack is a spacer that solves a problem faced by roofers when meeting insulation requirements for metal roofs. Typically a foil-faced glasswool building blanket is installed under the metal roofing. But to achieve a Total R-Value of R3.2 (heat down) in accordance with Part J of the BCA the insulation blanket must be able to recover to its full nominal thickness. Previously safety wire mesh was allowed to sag between the purlins to allow for the insulation to recover. But this practice is not ideal. Roof Rack creates the space needed for a glasswool insulation blanket to recover to its full nominal thickness, without compromising the integrity of the roof system. Once attached, the assembled Roof Rack unit is simply fixed to the purlins in the usual manner using standard self-drilling roofing screws.

Roof Rack allows roofers to pull the safety mesh taut, improving both worker safety and the finished appearance on the underside of the roof. It is simple to install, safe to work with and fast to use.