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Superlight Scorpion ECO-LED fittings can easily replace standard 50 watt halogens.

Scorpion ECO-LED downlights

Commercial or residential applications can be installed with the Superlight Scorpion ECO-LED fitting, which generates smooth downlighting. Scorpion fittings are available in 6 × 3 watt and 8 × 3 watt versions, and are supplied with a 240 volt driver, eliminating the need for any additional transformers.

Superlight’s exclusive heatsink design ensures the fittings operate safely at a cool temperature within the ceiling. Each fitting is available in 3200K (warm-white) or 6500K (cool-white) colour temperatures and can be supplied with 15°, 30°, 45° or 60° beam angles. The fittings can easily replace standard 50 watt halogens and are also available with a handy 1–10 volt dimming option.