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The Select Classic hand dryer combination won the DesignEx New Product Award for bathroomware.

Sleek, discreet design makes a big impact

The new JD MacDonald Select Classic hand dryer combination was awarded the New Product Award for bathroomware at DesignEx 2009, in Melbourne. DesignEx judges could not go past its sleek lines, thoughtful design and unobtrusive facade.

“We already thought we had a great product but to take out this DesignEx award is further acknowledgment that what we have designed is not only functional and aesthetically very pleasing, but forward-thinking too,” says division manager Melinda Green of the win.

The Select Classic stands out for its simplicity and sleek, modern, minimalist finish, sitting flush with the wall space. The unit comes in a convenient three-in-one hand dryer, waste paper bin and paper towel dispenser model, or an attractive two-in-one design.