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Instant boiling water or chilled water is dispensed at the touch of a button from the Zip HydroTap.

Zip HydroTap boiling and chilled filtered water

Forget waiting for water to boil, the Zip HydroTap provides boiling water for hot beverages or cooking. Dispensing instant boiling water at the touch of the tap, the Zip HydroTap also dispenses refreshingly chilled, filtered water instantly, meaning there is no longer a need to buy and store bottled water.

Convenience and luxury does not have to have an expensive price tag. On the contrary, the Zip HydroTap, with its energy-saving power options, costs less than 15 cents a day in running costs on the largest model. That’s less than a standard 50 watt light globe. Additionally, with the Zip HydroTap, it only costs 1 cent more in energy to give up to eight cups of your favourite hot beverages or 20 refreshing glasses of chilled filtered water.

Zip HydroTap can be installed in kitchens or business tearooms.