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LED lighting within the canopy of Miele’s DA 290 W Lumen Décor rangehood can display 196,000 colours.

DA 6290 W Lumen Décor rangehood

Miele’s latest rangehood uses multicoloured LED lighting to transform the contemporary rangehood into an eye-catching designer piece. Named Lumen, a Latin term meaning “light,” the rangehood’s distinctive lighting concept complements Miele’s superior functionality and performance.

LED glass-edge lighting is integrated into the slimline canopy, with the colour of light emitted selected from white, green, red or blue, through the entire spectrum of 196,000 colours. This colour can be set to freeze or change at intervals.

As the recipient of an international Red Dot design award, the DA 6290 Lumen Décor rangehood is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen design