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Kingspan’s four new colour ranges - the High-Performance range, left; the Metallic range, right.

Kingspan’s four new colour ranges - the Standard range, left; the Vivid range, right.

Kingspan's new colour palette for insulated panels

Kingspan Insulated Panels has released a new palette for its cladding range, inspired by the distinct artistic styles of accomplished international artists including Barnett Newman, Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly and Piet Mondrian. The bold and enticing colours and finish offer exceptional performance in diverse Australian environments and climates. The palette was formulated in consultation with architects.

“The Kingspan Collection not only delivers our customers a compelling alternative in a bold and enticing palette of inspired colours, but it also provides customers with flexibility and sustainability,” says Kingspan’s national marketing manager, Helen Flood.

“This new range combines European technology with locally sourced pre-painted steel. We are able to deliver a product with a high level of UV protection, corrosion resistance and colour retention which is required to withstand the diverse Australasian climate”, says Flood.

The four new ranges are designed to fit all applications and environments. The Standard range was inspired by Barnett Newman, an American exponent of abstract expressionism. It is suitable for roof and wall applications in standard, non-corrosive environments. German-born American artist Josef Albers, renowned for his use of intense colour, inspired the High-Performance range, also suited to roof and wall applications. Its corrosion resistance and overall durability make it ideal for marine and harsh industrial environments. The Metallic range was inspired by another American painter and sculptor, Ellsworth Kelly, renowned for hard-edged painting. Finally, there is the Vivid range, inspired by the pure form and colour of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, an advocate of pure abstraction.