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Professional Domino cooktop series by De Dietrich can be configured to accommodate individual needs.

Professional Domino Series cooktops

Providing the flexibility to mix and match cooktops, the De Dietrich Professional Domino series allows architects and designers to create a custom cooktop array to meet their clients’ individual culinary needs.

The range includes two induction cooktops that offer exceptional cooking performance. One features a concave glass surface designed for wok cooking (DTI732X), while the other is a powerful continuum cooktop (DTI741X) that can be used as a single- or double-zone cooktop.

There are also two “world cuisine” cooktops in the Professional Domino series: the cast iron plancha plate (DTE728X) and a stainless steel teppan yaki plate (DTE768X). Both are perfect for fast cooking of seafood and meats.