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Cement composite Scyon Stria cladding can achieve an R-value of 2.7 in wall applications.

Scyon Stria cladding

Scyon Stria cladding is a clever way to achieve a decorative render finish without actually laying bricks or rendering. Stria cladding is a wide cladding board with a 15 mm horizontal joint that is pre-primed and ready to install.

“When my client told me I didn’t need bricks to make his house look like it was ‘decoratively rendered,’ I thought he’d lost his marbles ‘til he showed me Stria,” says builder Andrew Herrett after discovering this innovative cladding product.

Made from Scyon, an advanced, lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance, Stria cladding can be installed by a carpenter and painted later that same day.

Scyon Stria cladding can also enhance the energy efficiency of a home. When the product is used with the right insulation, and in accordance with James Hardie’s Wall System Thermal Performance Total R-Values Technical Supplement, an R-value of up to 2.7 can be achieved for the wall.