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Effective acoustic management - Trend's SoundMizer range of windows and doors.

Trend's SoundMizer range of windows and doors minimizes the intrusion of troublesome outside noise.

Soundmizer acoustic windows and doors

With the constant need to combat extremes of noise, windows and doors can often be the weakest link in isolating sound from outside a house or building. Since sound is energy, effective barriers must have mass, density and a low resonant frequency to stop or reflect this energy.

Trend understands this requirement so has developed the SoundMizer collection for efficient acoustic management. Trend provides acoustic solutions in single and/or secondary glazing systems for any noisy environment.

Trend SoundMizer products are high-performance acoustic windows and doors designed to minimize troublesome noise. Solutions are available for high-traffic areas such as freeways, railway environments, aircraft flight paths and airport surroundings or wherever noisy situations exist that need to be resolved. All Trend SoundMizer products are tested in laboratory conditions to relevant Australian standards.