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Wolfin GWSK, IB membrane and Projex Shockmat used to waterproof a new lift pit at Brisbane Airport.

Wolfin waterproofing for lift pit

The construction of new lifts in Brisbane Airport’s Common User Satellite building required a particular waterproofing solution – the base of the lift over-run pit would be 300 mm below the high-tide mark.

To overcome this, the lift pit was formed and poured at a casting area within the airport grounds. When the concrete had cured sufficiently to lift, the unit was placed on a preformed sheet of Wolfin IB membrane that had been covered with 5 mm Projex Shockmat to avoid damage to the membrane when the pit was placed onto it. When the pit was in place on the Wolfin membrane, the outer face of the walls was lined with Wolfin GWSK and the two Wolfin materials were married together. The bagged precast lift pit was then hoisted into place at low tide using a 200-tonne crane.

The Wolfin was chosen because of its proven ability to withstand oil-based chemicals of the type found around airports and its ability to withstand regular immersion and dry cycles.