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Designer Matteo Thun redesigned his Light table, shown here, using American red oak.

American red oak timber

Italian furniture maker Maurizio Riva of Riva1920 is no stranger to American hardwoods, having pioneered European designs in American black cherry, black walnut and white oak over the last 20 years.

Riva’s philosophy is to create stylish and functional furniture using environmentally sound materials. For this reason, the 2011 Cologne Furniture Fair in Germany saw the relaunch of key pieces of Riva1920 furniture in American red oak.

American red oak is the most abundant species in American temperate hardwood forests, making up 35% of the total resource and representing about one-third of the production of sawn hardwood lumber. As one of the most sustainable hardwoods, red oak is able to take the pressure off other hardwood forest resources.