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InsulWall combines internal lining, insulation, external cladding and the structural element.

InsulWall composite technology by Bondor

Bondor’s ground-breaking InsulLiving Project house recently received an eight-star energy rating using SolarSpan roofing and the new, innovative InsulWall walling system.

Together with Bluescope Steel and Dulux Acratex, Bondor’s InsulWall has been developed over the last four years to produce an all-in-one walling product. InsulWall composite technology combines the internal lining, insulation, external cladding and the structural element. Insulwall achieves this using a specially developed steel finish unique to this system, allowing for easy painting internally and rendering externally.

Combining InsulWall and SolarSpan on residential projects forms a superior thermal barrier, blocking heat in summer, trapping warmth in winter, reducing noise and saving money with simple, quick construction. InsulWall and SolarSpan offer architectural freedom of design from conventional to cutting edge, to create a living environment that is protected from all the elements.

As a provider of thermal building products for industrial and commercial buildings, Bondor is providing the residential housing market with a building system that is strong, sustainable, renewable, energy efficient, quick to build, flexible and affordable.