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When the LCD is switched off, Mirona appears as a mirror.

The LCD screen can be seen appearing through Mirona.

Mirona window by Schott Australia

SCHOTT Architecture + Design produces and delivers worldwide, exceptional, cutting-edge, quality glass solutions, ideal for inspirational and high-profile architectural challenges.

Mirona®, the stylish, silvery metamorphosis glass solution from Schott makes the heart of the design world beat faster. Positioned before an LCD or similar display, Mirona® is a glossy transparent window. However when the LCD is switched off, Mirona® magically transforms into a brilliant, silvery mirror. This clever, beautiful SCHOTT glass solution opens a world of wonderful design opportunities across styles and situations.

Well known to the design shops in Europe and the US, the smart, versatile Mirona® is now available in Australia, quickly showing promise in award-winning local designs.