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SmartDrive washing machine by Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has introduced the next generation SmartDrive with significant improvements made across the range of top-loading washing machines. The attractive new fascia masks numerous underthe- skin technology upgrades including increased capacity, with better energy and water ratings as well as improved reliability and performance.

Peter Russell, general manager of marketing for Fisher & Paykel says, “Consumers will notice the benefits to the quality of the wash and their hip pockets.”

With a machine to suit every home, Fisher & Paykel has developed a new naming structure to easily differentiate between models – QuickSmart, WashSmart, FabricSmart and AquaSmart2.

The QuickSmart washing machine is designed to take time out of washing. A simple interface and fast wash cycle means clean clothes without the messing around.

The WashSmart washing machine is designed for those who like fingertip control. With five wash cycles, including Allergy, Hand Wash, Heavy Duty and Easy Iron, your washing needs are sorted with the touch of a button.

FabricSmart is the only washing machine in the world with true fabric sensing technology which adjusts the water level and wash cycle to suit each load.

AquaSmart2 takes the original AquaSmart to a whole new level. Boasting the highest water ratings of any top loader, AquaSmart2 is a high efficiency washing machine that uses a bare minimum of water for each wash.