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Sub-Zero refrigerator by Multyflex

Designed to fit perfectly flush with the rest of your kitchen, Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators have no grilles and no visible hinges. The 736TCI accepts custom cabinets and hardware or stainless steel panels and once installed you will never have to move your Sub-Zero with all mechanics being accessed from the front of the unit.

The 577L Sub-Zero 736TCI Integrated Refrigerator/Freezer has an upper cabinet refrigerator with freezer storage drawers. Two distinct temperature zones ensure the freshest food and energy efficiency. The Sub-Zero 736TCI features an automatic ice maker, adjustable and spill-proof interior shelves and a generous width of 914 mm to accommodate your largest platters.

The controls are up front and digital, with the microprocessor delivering precise temperature control that senses and then adapts to your use patterns.