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The Toko rail’s design includes a square tube for a linear look.

The Cava rail uses a round tube for a softer look.

Towel rails by DC Short

New to the DCS range, these well-crafted, low-voltage, floor-mounted towel rails look perfect next to freestanding baths and in bathrooms with limited wall space.

The Toko and Toko Dua rails with 50 mm square stainless steel tube provide a clean linear look. The Cava and Cava Dua rails offer a softer alternative, with a round 50 mm stainless steel tube. Available in a mirror finish with both single and twin bar options, these rails are designed to enhance any style of bathroom.

All DCS towel rails are dry internally (they require no plumbing and will not leak). Supplied with the energy-saving Ecotimer as standard, DCS rails are an environmentally friendly choice. DCS specializes in heated rail design and manufacture, committed to proving that design, functionality, durability and sustainability can go hand in hand.