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Barrisol Lumière translucent was used for this Bugatti Veyron display.

Barrisol lights up Bugatti Veyron

When Bugatti wanted to showcase the beauty of its Veyron car, there was only one choice – Barrisol Lumière translucent. The Barrisol backlit circular translucent ceiling provides perfectly even diffused light to showcase the Veyron from every angle.

Barrisol can provide custom backlit ceilings and walls of up to 50 square metres in a single translucent panel, making it ideal for car showrooms, retail outlets, restaurants, museums and galleries requiring vivid, crisp, clean light or soft colour-changing illumination.

The Barrisol translucent range can be digitally printed with any image or logo and comes in a micro-perforated acoustic range that offers the combination of lighting and noise reduction in one ceiling.