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Velieris’s Capulet twist pile carpet uses the beautiful colours of alpaca fleece.

Capulet carpet from Velieris

Velieris is Australian owned and operated, and takes pride in combining luxury fibres and sustainable processes to produce high-quality carpet collections. Using only the beautiful, natural-occurring colours of alpaca fleece means minimal processing, saving the integrity and softness of the fibres while reducing the environmental impact.

Velieris has now brought a new level of luxury to its carpet range with the inclusion of Capulet, a twist pile carpet that has been crafted with an enormously dense fibre base, and which offers a thick cushioning underfoot and enhancing durability. Using 100% undyed fibre, the twist weave is formulated through a heat-setting process, which locks the twist into the memory of the fibre, conserving the soft feel and showcasing the natural colours throughout.

This attention to detail is why Velieris has fast become a preferred choice for Australia’s leading architects and designers.