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Shown here is Harn’s Triomax system, which has either 35 kg or 60 kg load capacity.

Harn Triomax T3/T6 by Prodeco

Convenience and practicality have always been the ideas behind Harn’s drawer systems for cabinets in home and commercial applications.

Harn’s Triomax Soft Close drawer system is elegant, has superior performance and will complement many cabinet designs.

Harn has also introduced the new T3 and T6 series. Triomax’s attractive designs and colours have not changed but the choice of load capacity has: the choice is now between 35 kg and 60 kg.

The T3 at 35kg will be the popular and more affordable choice for the lighter load drawers and the T6 at 60 kg is the practical choice when it comes to the high-load drawer, such as the popular wide and deep storage drawers. The superior sliding action comes standard.

Triomax would not be complete without the Sylent integrated cushioning system that assures a quiet, non-abrupt close that adapts automatically to different weights and closing speeds.