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The Palomba collection includes a bathtub, eight washbasins and a series of accessories.

Palomba collection by Laufen Bathrooms

Composed of a bathtub, eight washbasins and a series of accessories, the 2012 Palomba collection has products that can be combined and which offer great freedom of composition.

The freestanding washbasin Menhir ensures an especially wide range of spatial solutions, and has an aesthetic of sensual lines. The shape of the inside of both the washbasin and bathtub evokes forms found in nature, like tide pools, or the water that collects in the cavities of coastal rocks.

The Palomba collection is a synthesis of organic and natural forms. Its inspiration comes from coastal inlets and cliffs. The collection’s large freestanding basin resembles a large rock that emerges from the earth, while the new bathtub is described as a “water nest.”